Engineering Services

Mr. Hauser provides extensive services in all three sides of the safety triangle (OPP, PHA, and SIS). His professional background and years of experience will help you implement effective process safety at your site.

Over Pressure Protection (OPP)

  1. ERS (Emergency Relief System) Design – PROSAF has extensive experience conducting all aspects of ERS Design.
    • Information Gathering
    • Over pressure scenario analysis and definition
    • Detailed relief system calculations including relief device sizing, inlet piping size/layout, outlet pipe size/layout, effluent handling, relief headers and flares. Design calculations include single and multi-phase flow, reactive and non-reactive scenarios and single or complex multi-vessel pressure systems.
    • Complete ERS documentation including scenario definitions, calculations, sketches and relief device specifications.
    • The latest methods and calculation tools are used.
  2. ERS Consulting – PROSAF has extensive experience providing all types of ERS Consulting to all types of processing industries.
    • Consulting advice covers all types of OPP (Over Pressure Protection) issues such as design, safety, compliance and risk management.
    • We are flexible and creative. We find solutions that result in safe and compliant protection systems without excess capital demands.
    • We guide risk management decisions by clearly explaining where fixes are needed for safety or regulatory compliance.
  3. ERS Training – PROSAF has developed and presented ERS design training programs for multiple clients.
    • Mr. Hauser currently leads the DIERS (AIChE Design Institute for Emergency Relief Systems) Advanced and Basics course activities.
    • Training can be presented as available or customized to clients’ specific needs.
  4. ERS Mentoring – Mr. Hauser has extensive experience guiding and mentoring new and learning ERS Analysts. This service can be provided as requested.
  5. ERS Reviews QA/QC – Similar to mentoring, an important part of quality ERS designs is an independent review. Mr. Hauser has extensive experience conducting such reviews and is known to be very thorough in this regard. ERS reports are marked up with guidance and comments. These can be tracked to ensure completion.

Process Hazard Analysis

  1. HAZOP (Hazard and Operability) studies – Mr. Hauser has extensive experience in all aspects of HAZOP:
    • HAZOP Leader (and sometimes scribe)
    • HAZOP participant as process safety, pressure safety and/or process engineering expert.
  2. PHA (Process Hazard Analysis) – Mr. Hauser has extensive experience conducting complete PHA studies for entire units and in some cases for entire sites.
  3. PHA Training – Training can be provided for new PHA leaders and a simpler version for PHA participants.

Safety Instrumented Systems

  1. Training – Mr. Hauser has more than 10 times presented the IDC Technologies course: “Practical Safety Instrumentation and Emergency Shutdown Systems for Process Industries”. This course presents a complete approach to compliance with IEC 61511 and ISA S84.00.01.
  2. Design Reviews – PROSAF can provide complete design reviews of SIS (Safety Instrumented Systems), SIF (Safety Instrumented Functions) including design, management and testing to maintain required reliability. These reviews can be especially focused on overall Risk Management as well as complementing site Over Pressure Protection plans.

Safety Triangle

Mr. Hauser’s experience in all 3 sides of the process safety triangle (OPP, PHA AND SIS) makes his experience and skills unique. Contact him now to help your staff bring a comprehensive approach to process safety at your site.