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Process Safety and Engineering

Senior Consultant and President

John J. Hauser, PE

PROSAF Inc. provides process safety engineering aimed at preventing unplanned or catastrophic incidents or emissions in the chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical and metallurgical industries. These incidents can result in personnel or property damage and/or harmful emissions. Examples include the toxic releases in Bhopal, India (1984) and Seveso, Italy (1976) and the massive explosions in Flixborough, England (1974), Pasadena, Texas (1989), BP Texas City (2005) and the Deepwater Horizon event in 2010. The number, size, and effects of such incidents have resulted in increasingly stringent regulatory and industry standards.

These engineering services are provided by PROSAF’s Senior Consultant, John J. Hauser, PE and select associates. Mr. Hauser’s resume can be seen here. Detailed here are engineering services that PROSAF provides.