Project Experience


  1. Abbott Laboratories, Alpharma, Amoco Chemical, Amoco Oil, Aristech Chemical, ARCO Chemical, Bayer, Bethlehem Steel, Biodiesel Systems, BP Oil, Cytec Industries, Exxon, Eastman Kodak, Flint Hills Resources, FMC, Hanford Site, II-VI Inc., Indianapolis Coke, Kemira, Lee College, Medusa Cement, Nova Chemical, PPG, Pressure Chemical, San Joaquin Refining, University of Rochester (NY) and USX, including numerous studies, calculations and reports. (1990 to present)
  2. Provided relief system design and consulting assistance throughout the Mobay system. Also included relief device vendor coordination. (1986 to 1990)
  3. Flare header design. Reviewed the contractor's scenario selection and flare header design for a major olefins expansion project. (1991/2)
  4. Reactive system vent sizing and alternative studies for pharmaceutical plant. (1993)
  5. Designed multiphase flow relief system for reactor separation train. This project involved extensive multiphase pipe flow calculations as well as relief device sizing. (1992)
  6. DIERS Users Group. Mr. Hauser has been the companies' DIERS representative from 1986 to present. In that time, he gave many DIERS meeting presentations documented in the DIERS minutes. He is currently active as the DIERS Course chair.
  7. Vent Sizing Package. Implemented Mobay's purchase of the VSP and used VSP data and DIERS methodology to size reactor vents. (1989)
  8. Storage tank vent system design review for Medusa Cement Co. (1994)
  9. Reactor and storage tank vent system design. Design included relief devices, two vent headers and a discharge knock out vessel. (1995)
  10. Over pressure protection design review for an entire maleic anhydride processing unit. (1995)
  11. Published "Vent Sizing for Fire Considerations for Special Equipment and Piping", Process Safety Progress, January, 1995.
  12. Established fire risk zones in an integrated refinery (BP Oil, 1996).
  13. Over pressure protection design review for five ammonia refrigeration projects. (1996 to 1998)
  14. Relief system design for reactors and storage vessels in an ABS (polymers) pilot plant. (1997)
  15. Member of the beta-test committee for the latest DIERS related relief system design program, Superchems for DIERS (1997 to 2001). (Superchems is marketed by ioMosaic, Inc.)
  16. Developed and presented relief system design training tools for Abbott Laboratories, Amoco, Aristech Chemical and Mobay. (1986 to 1997)
  17. Developed multiphase flow relief device and piping software at Abbott Laboratories, Bayer Corp. and FMC.
  18. Coached and mentored new employees and interns in developing pressure safety expertise at Bayer Corp. (1995 to present)
  19. Conducted multiple reactive relief system designs including laboratory testing, reaction kinetics development, physical property development and dynamic vent system modeling. (2001)
  20. Published "Vent Sizing for Fire Considerations: external fire duration, jacketed vessels and heat flux variations owing to fuel composition", Journal of Loss Prevention in the process industries, Vol. 14, 2001.
  21. Developed a method to model multiple vessels venting in series/parallel. This method was applied successfully for three major projects at Bayer Corp. resulting in significant capital savings. This method was also presented in a significant paper presented at the Oct. 2001 DIERS Users Group meeting.
  22. Designed entire flare system for Exxon Flexicoking unit.
  23. Designed several branched blowdown vent header systems at Bayer Corp
  24. Extensive experience coordinating laboratory tests, using lab results to generate reactive case kinetics and then using the kinetics to conduct dynamic relief system designs.
  25. Experience using several process simulators to conduct pressure safety and process simulations including SuperChems, SAFIRE, Aspen, PDPlus and COPE (Exxon).
  26. Incorporated SIL-rated Safety Instrumented Systems performance considerations into detailed ERS designs at 2 major clients
  27. Primary pressure safety consultant for FHR refinery flare study.
  28. Leads team of ERS analysts and provides QA/QC review for entire site ERS Revalidation project (2013 through present).
  29. Published “Vent Sizing for Fire Considerations for Special Equipment and Piping”, Process Safety Progress, January 1995.
  30. Hydrogen Peroxide reactor and storage tank reactive system vent design using Superchems Expert. (1998)
  31. Suspension polymerization reactor and connected vessels reactive system vent design using SuperChems Expert. (1998/99)
  32. Vent system design for polymer reactors exposed to fire. This project included planning for laboratory testing, developing runaway reaction kinetics and designing adequate relief systems using SAFIRE. (1999)
  33. Reactive system relief design for a runaway Grignard-reagent reactor system. This project included development of SAFIRE physical properties and SAFIRE modeling of the dynamic runaway case including two-phase flow relief. Extensive alternative studies were conducted to find a feasible and safe venting system (2001).
  34. Helped develop binary interaction parameters (BIPs) for a non-ideal system. Using those BIPs in a Superchems Expert dynamic venting model showed a two-size reduction in required PSV sizes. (2002)
  35. Completed the development of a runaway polymerization model for SuperChems and used it in the successful completion of several ERS designs in two separate plants. (2003 & 2004)
  36. Completed a supercritical fluid reactor vent design using SuperChems. (2004)
  37. Completed 23 relief system designs in isocyanate units plus 7 relief system designs in blood processing units for Bayer Corp. (2005)


  • US Steel, Clairton Works Phosam unit
  • US Steel, Clairton Works two Vacuum Carbonate units
  • US Steel, Clairton Works Light Oil Recovery Unit
  • US Steel, Clairton Works Final Coolers
  • US Steel, Clairton Works Sulfur Recovery unit
  • US Steel, Gary Works Desulfurization unit
  • US Steel, Gary Works Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • US Steel, Gary Works Tar Centrifuge
  • Indianapolis Coke, Coke Oven Gas Treating and Compression Units
  • Indianapolis Coke, Coke Batteries Underfire System
  • Indianapolis Coke, Coke Oven Gas Ammonia Removal System
  • NOVA Chemical Polystyrene Pilot Plant
  • Mobay Chemicals Polyurethane units
  • Abbott Laboratories Incinerator
  • Coopers Creek Chemicals
  • Koppers Roanoke site
  • NOVA Chemicals Dow Fire and Explosion Index Analysis for 7 units
  1. Conducted PHA studies at Mobay, Pitt-DesMoines, Abbott Laboratories, Indianapolis Coke (entire site), Koppers Industries (entire site), NOVA Chemicals and United States Steel (two entire sites). In those studies, responsibilities included PHA leader, scribe, process safety specialist, pressure safety specialist, process engineer and report writer. (1987 to present) Some of these studies were extensive multiple unit, multiple year efforts.
  2. Participated in additional HAZOP studies, particularly as the pressure safety consultant.
  3. Developed a fault-tree analysis and resulting safety recommendations for a defense contractor. (1994)
  4. Certified as a Master PHA leader by the Process Safety Institute. (1996)
  5. Conducted Dow Fire and Explosion Analyses for 7 Manufacturing Units at a major petrochemical company. (2000 and 2001)
  6. Conducted PHA Revalidation studies for Indianapolis Coke. Responsibilities included PHA Leader, scribe, process safety specialist and process engineer. (2003)
  7. Conducted a process safety risk assessment including consequence analysis for an entire site of a major pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly. (1992)
  8. Provided consulting assistance in a fire-injury lawsuit. (1993)
  9. Provided process engineering consulting on a major waste (water) minimization project. (1993)


  1. Assisted in developing Amoco Chemical's relief system design guide. (1991)
  2. Developed a corporate guideline document for Venting Reactive Systems. (1991)
  3. Developed a corporate guideline document on overpressure protection of heat exchangers in the event of a failed tube. (1993)
  4. Developed a BP Oil Refining Practice, Sizing for Flashing Two-Phase Flow. (1992)
  5. Coauthored Aristech Chemical's Reference Manual for Relief Device Rating. (1993)
  6. Wrote Mobay's (Miles Inc.) corporate guideline on relief systems sizing and design: "Pressure Safety System Design Requirements". (1987) Also provided the primary contributions in revising and upgrading the document in 2004.
  7. Coauthored Mobay's (Miles Inc.) corporate guideline, "Emergency Shutdown Systems", including instrumentation effects on relief system requirements. (1989)
  8. Revised ARCO Chemical Company's Relief System Manual with regard to two-phase flow sizing methods. (1994)
  9. Completely revised and rewrote the Over Pressure Protection Engineering Standard for a major pharmaceutical company. (1997)
  10. Developed four emergency relief system design for fire guidelines documents as chair of the DIERS Users Group ERS Design for Fire Committee. (1995 to 2001) One document was published in January, 1995 Process Safety Progress. The other three were published together in the Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, September, 2001.


  1. Developed relief system design training tools for Amoco, Aristech Chemical, Bayer and Mobay.
  2. Presented 23 two or three-day relief system design training sessions at several Amoco sites. (1991-5)
  3. Presented a two-day relief system rating seminar at Aristech Chemical. (1993)
  4. Presented over 10 eight-hour relief system design training seminars at various Mobay sites.
  5. Developed and presented detailed contractor process safety training for ARCO Chemical.
  6. Conducted HAZOP training sessions at Abbott Laboratories, Indianapolis Coke, United States Steel, and Pitt-DesMoines Inc.
  7. Developed and presented (three times) a relief system design training seminar at Abbott Laboratories. (1997)
  8. Coached four engineers at Bayer Corp. to become skilled ERS design technologists. (1996 to 2001)
  9. Developed and presented a five-day course “Advanced Process Hazard Analysis Methods and Leadership” in the United Arab Emirates for multiple clients in the petroleum and petrochemical industries in the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Course was presented four times 2004 and 2005.
  10. Developed and presented a five-day course “Advanced Process Hazard Analysis Methods and Leadership” to PPG engineers, once in Korea and once in Australia.
  11. Presented relief system design training at 2 Bayer sites in 2004 and 2005.
  12. Presented Practical Safety Instrumented Systems and Emergency Shutdown Systems course 12 times in 2006 through 2010. This course emphasizes compliance with new international standards on safety instrumented systems.


  1. Illustrative examples of relief system design calculations were developed using Mathcad ® for Amoco Chemical and Aristech Chemical. (1992/3)
  2. Dynamic relief system model developed for Amoco using TK Solver ®. (1993)
  3. Developed two-phase relief device and pipe sizing spreadsheet models at four major clients. (1996-1997)


  1. Plant engineer, Esso Cologne Germany refinery, vacuum distillation unit
  2. Startup engineer, Marathon Louisiana refinery, catalytic cracking unit
  3. Plant engineer, Esso Sarnia Canada refinery, steam cracking unit
  4. Sulfur plant design and followup, Esso Rotterdam Netherlands refinery
  5. Multiple Exxon refinery process design projects